Quick-Build Your Online Project Workspace

As an OverDRIVE partner, we’ve already done the research for you when it comes to finding the best solution for your company Intranet, Extranet or just about any Education Portal or online Project Workspace need you have.

OverDRIVE is a unique smart site builder that will turn your Google Drive and G Suite content into webpages automatically!

This powerful tool is mobile responsive and simple to use – providing you with a visual private members site that you can build to give your business or education users access to information easily and in no time at all.

No Hassle, Online Site Building Solutions

There’s no limit to what you can do with OverDRIVE…

Build a site automatically

Convert Google Drive and G Suite (text, photo, video and audio) content into web pages automatically

Transform Drive content

Create great-looking and powerful web pages quickly and easily using tools you already know

Improve communication

A smart way to provide teams with easy web & mobile access to all kinds of info to collaborate & follow workflows

Build with complete control

Apply your own user access levels & content that is fully protected within the Google Cloud Platform

A low cost, quick time solution

Create your smart site without the need for specialist skills using templates & drag & drop page building tools

Improve the way you work, forever!

Create as many OverDRIVE portals as you like under one subscription & all within minutes

OverDRIVE Uses

Take the hassle out of creating your Intranet, Project Workspace, Digital Library,

Extranet, Education Resource, Event or Meeting Portal.

Company Intranet

Company intranet

Easily create an intranet to keep staff up to date with key information about the company, teams, key projects, HR and training so that everyone knows the company policies and strategy and feels part of the big picture. It’s also a great way to share files, images and other digital resources with controlled access.

Education portal

Education portal

Schools, colleges and universities’ large number of information resources and documents stored in Google Drive can be automatically displayed in your education portal or VLE (Virtual learning environment) securely and to collaborate on with students, staff and parents.

Events management

Event management

Promote, develop and deliver your event and share all kinds of Drive content including Docs and Spreadsheets for planning, photos and maps and last minute information for delegates in one instantly updateable place, accessible by team members and delegates.



You don’t need to be a web developer or a Sharepoint expert because an OverDRIVE extranet is a straightforward way to securely share resources with people outside your organisation – such as partners, suppliers and customers – accessible with a choice of non-Google login methods and user access controls.

Managed meetings


Set up and run meetings without the hassle or the paper to save time, money and improve efficiency. An OverDRIVE site allows you to automatically share all kinds of Drive content required for your meeting, including agendas, Sheets, Slides, Documents, Calendars and even videos, and work on materials collaboratively and remotely, right up to the last minute.

Project Workspaces

Project workspaces

Share your relevant project data in one place in a quick and simple way, keeping your team connected and your project on track. Simply create a Drive folder for a project and then share resources in an accessible, user-friendly and secure way for staff and external members of the team to access and contribute to.

Your business can save time, money and hassle building smart sites using OverDRIVE.


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