6 Steps to Website Development with Debouge Tech

1. Planning

What’s the purpose of your website? Debouge Tech work with you to identify what needs you want your website to fulfil. Establishing your priorities will help us to plan a website that meets your goals.

Debouge Tech website design process - Step1
Debouge Tech website design process - Step2

2. Design

The design of your website takes the Planning phase goals you identified and defines the pages and features the site needs to meet those requirements by way of a sitemap.

The design will need to take into account your branding and any visual style preferences you have. (It’s not a problem if you don’t have any brand elements, we can help you create them too.)

For clients who have a well-defined brand and/or design ideas in mind, we ask that you share your guidelines, images, moodboards and preferred examples with us at this stage of the process if you haven’t already done so in your initial brief.

3. Development

The sitemap that comes out of the Design phase will determine how content and features inform the framework of the website.

The Development phase is about Debouge Tech creating the site’s archictecture.

For clients who request us to create their website content, we will ensure that the content on each individual page is optimised for search engines with appropriate keywords in all page components.

For clients creating the content themselves, we recommend that you focus your content on a single topic for each webpage.

Should you need it, we can further refine your content to be SEO-friendly.

Debouge Tech website design process - Step3
Debouge Tech website design process - Step4

4. Testing

By now, we’ve developed all the pages on your website so that they fit in the right places to take visitors on the journey that meets your original goals.

All content and images are in place, including links to internal and external pages, so now it’s time to make sure it all works as it should.

Debouge Tech will do a variety of tests to make sure the browsing experience is easy to navigate for users and accessible on mobile devices as well as PC.

We will conduct manual tests as well as using automated testing tools to identify broken links and test the user experience. The extent of testing and number of people involved will be dependent on the client requirement.

5. Launch

Your new website is ready which means it’s time to tell the world about it.

Before now, we’ll have talked about how you want to release your website. Some clients like a soft launch with minimal fuss, others break out the bubbly and plan lots of communications for take off. Either way, we’re here to help launch your site, your way, when you’re ready.

Debouge Tech website design process - Step5
Debouge Tech website design process - Step6

6. Support

As with all Debouge Tech services, we offer ongoing support for your website.

If you’ve opted to have us build your website with an open Content Management System (CMS), you’ll be able to make content changes yourself and will have had some training from us before launch.

Whatever type of website package you’ve chosen, Debouge Tech will always be on hand to support the regular upkeep of your site – whether you want to change/ add content, have some training in anything website related or simply require a security/ software update.

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