Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainability is not just environmentalism and preserving the planet’s natural resources.  It’s also concerned with protecting people and profits to preserve resources of social equity and economic development.

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Sustainable Innovation – Inspiring Change

Designmarketing and IT are integrated in our strategic thinking because we care about how people can work together with technology to produce sustainable business solutions.

These solutions are about making your operations more efficient with knock-on benefits (from reducing, reusing/ reconnecting and recycling) that can not only save your business time, money and resources to positively impact your bottom line, but also benefit the wider community and the environment.

Here at Debouge Tech we think it’s important to be as socially, environmentally and economically responsible as we can. This is at the heart of our innovative and creative-thinking. What makes us different is not just that we do this, but more importantly that we aim to inspire you and companies like yours to do it too.

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We’re Doing What We Can to be More Responsible

  • We’ve shifted our purchasing practices by choosing sustainable and energy-efficient goods and services. Admittedly, that makes us a bit choosy about our suppliers (not to mention what we eat so that we don’t consume as much meat – one of the most environmentally destructive industries on the planet)! We’re just trying to do our bit to keep things as clean and green as possible by helping like-minded organisations and our local town, Milton Keynes, in business.


  • We practice efficient waste management by applying the 3Rs: Reducing what we buy (and avoiding excessive packaging and plastics), Reusing what we can (like composting our kitchen waste), and by Recycling (like rebuilding and reconditioning electrical devices and donating old equipment and furniture to charity.)


  • We’re doing what we can to kick our fossil fuel habit and do our bit to save wildlife, slow down climate change and protect our land and water. We’re doing this by saving energy at home and at work through a greener approach to reduce our heating, water and lighting. In line with our principle to support organisations dedicated to sustainability, we’ve chosen Engie as our renewable energy supplier so that 100% of our electricity and gas is produced from renewable energy sources. This means our electricity comes from wind, solar and hydro-electric sources and our “green gas” is sourced from generation plants that produce biogas from anaerobic digestion or landfill waste gas; which produce at least 46% less carbon emissions than standard natural gas. (In 2018, we saved 990kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere by using these cleaner energy sources.)
    We’re also exploring options for installing rooftop solar panels where, depending on our productivity, we may even be able to add clean power to the grid to further offset our carbon footprint in future.


  • We’ve reduced our carbon emissions by: saving energy walking and cycling more often to local places, by investing in an electric vehicle for zero carbon travel, and by employing Remote Support and teleconferencing services to our customers. (In 2018, we saved 520kg of CO2 just from using an electric vehicle instead of petrol transportation for business journeys.)



  • We regularly volunteer to plant trees and plants (with Planting Up Milton Keynes) which not only improves air quality, but also provides food for the local community and absorbs carbon dioxide in exchange for producing oxygen to help combat the greenhouse effect and climate change.


  • We help our customers to be more sustainable by creating more efficiencies in their businesses.
Green is a trend. Sustainability is a mindset.
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